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Atlasshorts™ aggregates, curates and delivers the long tail of short film and visual media to hundreds of classrooms and libraries globally. We bring the world to you.

Our platform enriches the learning experience by enabling access to under-utilised content, and provides an alternative means to mainstream cinema and visual media.


Inspire and educate your students and patrons with thousands of unique short films from around the world.

Unique cinema

Discover exclusive films and media that are not available via other eResources, streaming platforms or in the public domain.

Reference tool

Stream a diverse range of short films including the early works of renowned filmmakers, award-winning films and student work from leading institutions.

MARC Records

Standard MARC records available or fully customisable depending on your institution's needs

LMS Integrations

Our platform easily integrates with any LMS software in the world

Diverse categorisation

Our collection has extensive categorisation covering myriad genres, themes and filmmaking conventions.

Super Fast, HD Streaming

Powered by AWS, the world's fastest cloud-based computing infrastructure. Videos are streamed at lightning speed to end users with no delay. No limits placed on the number of users or streamed videos.

EZProxy and OpenAthens

Secure on-campus and remote access for users via IP authentication or EZProxy or SAML2 with OpenAthens. LMS ready for Canvas and Blackboard.


Join our growing community of filmmakers and creators. Monetise your short films through education.

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Industry Testimonials

"Atlasshorts has identified an underserved area of our industry that is of particular interest to me. I have been concerned for sometime that younger filmmakers and students have been left behind by an industry that has become more risk averse and less open to new and emerging talent. Short films have always been the engine room of innovation and new talent and supporting this initiative would be a way of giving opportunities to these new
and emerging creative voices"

Robert Connolly
Award-winning Writer, Director & Producer

"I believe Atlasshorts is an impressive new technology resource with potential to deliver screen content direct to the students who will find it really useful in their work. Being able to access work by their peers past and present and from across the world really helps educate and inspire, and I believe Atlasshorts could contribute greatly to that process."

Denise Eriksen
Co-founder Media Mentors Australia, Co-chair AIDC, Former Head of Factual and Head of Current Affairs at the ABC, Former Head of Production and Development at SBS

"Short films can be really hard to find.  Having a site which brings together so many shorts, many by filmmakers who’ve gone on to make wonderful feature films - or who will - is an extremely valuable resource.  And for students - how inspiring to see the early work by filmmakers they admire … or for them to discover!  I wish Atlasshorts every success."

Bridget Ikin
An award-winning producer, of feature films and documentary, including BAFTA-nominated Jen Peedom’s Sherpa.

"I have always been inspired by the artistry and storytelling in students’ films for many years and often look to them for emerging talent and new voices in film. But they are often very hard to source. Atlasshorts will provide the sector with ready access to films from all around the world in one location. I can definitely see the potential for Atlasshorts to be a very successful and vital resource for the future."

Sue Maslin
Sue Maslin is one of Australia's most successful film, television and digital content producers. Her most recent feature is the smash hit "The "Dressmaker, one of Australia’s all-time highest-grossing films.

"Atlasshorts provides a complete ecosystem that opens up the world to these young people and their diverse creative expressions in a manner that reaches further and has more potential longevity than anything else available or predicted. This is because of a longstanding and barely examined assumption that short films are merely what filmmakers make when they can’t make features, which in turn suggests their primary value is to get attention as a “calling card”."

Bruce Sheridan
Professor Bruce Sheridan (Columbia College Chicago) is President of CILECT, the world association of film, television, and media schools. He led the North-American region of that organization from 2014 to 2018.

"The platform has proven to be a phenomenal teaching resource, with permalink capacity that allows teachers to link outwards from within our LMS, 'Canvas'. Students have been required in assessments to choose from a selection of streaming works, and perform analysis on those films. I wholeheartedly endorse the platform and recommend that potential supporters - financial or otherwise - avoid all hesitation in getting on board."

Dr Daniel Binns
Program Manager RMIT University

"AFTRS is one of many film schools that have partnered with Atlasshorts to present the work of students and alumni to audiences around the world. This one-stop hub for access to hundreds of short films including titles from our catalogue, which are currently unavailable online, will become an important resource for industry across the board. I foresee this platform as an essential pathway for our students and alumni to learn, reference and connect with filmmakers both domestically and internationally, and for the industry to discover our newest storytellers."

Kym-Louise Barton
Sales & Distribution Manager at AFTRS